Elving 2012

I get so excited to create holiday magic each year. Playing Santa and bombarding my kids with all the joys of the holidays brings me so much happiness. Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity. As you know, a few years ago, the Elf on the Shelf entered our home and created quite a stir. A few months ago, I compiled a list of new ideas that I could pull from each night after the kids were fast asleep. Even if the kids think it’s no big deal some mornings, it’s pure delight for me. This year was no exception.

Even though Emme joined the family, I had no intention of adding a third elf to our mix. Our first two elves, Buddy & Piper were enough for me. However, I put the question up for discussion on Facebook and realized that I was crazy to think we didn’t need another one! Now each kid has an elf and the newest is named, Zoey.


Decades from now, I hope my kids will think back on our Elves as a fun family tradition. Buddy, Piper and Zoey will be part of our holidays for years to come. And having one for each of them will allow them to take part in the fun with their own children one day. It will be something they can take with them into their adulthood. And here is some of what they did here in 2012.

They started off with an Elf breakfast and some decorating. They did everything from Body Pump to Dancing with the Elves. A few nights they kept it simple but they also came to Disney with us with their suitcases and Mickey ears. They were angels and reindeers and even celebrated at our birthdy brunch. Elves enjoy bowling, superhero activity and of course eating all things with sugar!


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