Disney 2012

Our 3rd annual trip to Disney World was truly a blast. I say annual because we have been the last three years in a row and on our way home I was plotting our return for next year. Now we need to hit our budget so I can make that happen. We got to go for Christmas this time and the decorations were truly amazing. Lucy turned out to be Tom’s new roller coaster buddy. She has deemed Space Mountain her favorite! We were able to get Jack to go on Splash Mountain and despite wanting to chicken out, he loved it. It was extra special to have Grammie and Pop with us on our adventures. We ran them ragged all over the World but we think they had a great time.

My favorite moment had to have been the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studio. They really are an experience. The snow falling and the music is so fun. I could have stayed in there all night.

The Christmas Party was also awesome even though we didn’t take full advantage of the free cookies and the parade was really nice. The toy soldiers are amazing and worth making sure you see the parade. The weather was great, never too hot at all and just one colder/dreary day at the end.

We ate some really great meals! One of my favorites for sure was Tusker House breakfast and I’d do it again just for the juice. The characters were great and we were all fresh and ready to go for the day. The Marakesh in Morrocco was new for us and we got treated to some belly dancing by Lucy. This was our first time eating at Cinderellas Royal Table and while it was magical to meet the princesses and be up in the castle, I don’t think we’d do it again. One of the other great meals we had was at Be Our Guest. The Beast’s castle had just opened and we were so lucky to get a reservation even though it was super late on our first night there. I’d love to do it again when I am not quite so tired. The steak was divine. And we had some extra fun recreating the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene at Mama Melrose. I wish I had pictures of this.

We stayed at the new Art of Animation in a Lion King suite. It was fantastic. The resort was so spectacular. It screams Disney and so great for anyone with young kids. Each area was so unique. I loved how even the terrain changed from one part to the other. Cars was super fun and the Nemo’s big blue pool was amazing. The Lion King area had an elephant grave yard and giant animal statues. Jack said every time he saw Pumba, “I smell sometthhhiingggg!” It was super cute. Our room had a murphy bed that the kids took turns in and then a pull out couch. Having two bathrooms rocked!

I’d say we had some busts this trip as well. There is only so much planning that can be done and then any wrenches in that plan can make things tough as you try to decide what to do next. As much as I love to plan, I don’t like to worry that people are enjoying themselves. And then when no one can decide what to do, everyone gets sort of out of whack. All in all though we did some great new things and lots of our favorites. And the best part is there is so much we still want to do and that we want to try again. Looks like we’ll have to go back again!

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