Spring Showers

Spring is here and I think Emme gets cuter by the day but of course she is mine and I can say that. She looks just like her big sister did at this age. We are crazy as ever but I need to get more photos up here to share. There are lots of birthdays and weddings ahead. Just last month we showered Katie and then last week we showered Jodi. Both were wonderful days with the lovely ladies in my family. I really enjoyed putting together the details of Jodi’s bridal shower. You all know how much I love to party plan! It all came together so nicely.

One Response to “Spring Showers”
  1. Di says:

    It has been an unbelievable crazy month or so celebrating baby and wedding showers. I am so GLAD with have such a big family! Thank you for all you did to make Jodi’s shower so special. LUV U