Buddy & Piper

This year, our Elf returned with a trainee named Piper. They have done a great job monitoring the kids as they try to stay on the nice list until Christmas. Seems that they have a little fun around the house after bedtime and before heading to the North Pole to report to the Big Man. Maybe this year they will visit in the off season to keep things in order around here.

3 Responses to “Buddy & Piper”
  1. sis says:

    These pictures are awesome….And yes, maybe, Buddy and Piper should make an appearance every so often just to keep things in order….How much fun would that be?…LOL….Love ya…..Give Lucy and Jack a big hug and kiss….

  2. Awesome!! It looks like they have some fun after hours!!! Snickers looks like she wants to eat them! LOL! I’m going to get an elf during the off season in hopes that it’s a little cheaper than usual! Lauren will be old enough to understand it by next Christmas…I can’t wait!!

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