She turned 7

Our Lucy is growing up so fast it seems. We celebrated with a summer themed part this year. Despite the pouring rain, we made the most of it and enjoyed face painting and balloons. Lots of special moments and smiles.

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Tee Ball

This spring, we signed Jack up for tee ball. I think it’s great to expose him to lots of sports so he can be a well rounded athlete even if hockey remains his true love. My only experience with tee ball or baseball was way back when I babysat in high school/college and the twins played. I had actually forgotten how tortuous it is to watch. It’s beyond irritating to show up on time to play and have only a few players. The commitment to a team seems lost on some of the parents. Jack spends a lot of the time running from position to position. What can I say, he doesn’t stay still well.

Jack TBall 2013

Skating Fun

You all know how much Jack loves hockey. He’s been skating for two years now and it’s really quite awesome to watch him on the ice. I’m long over due to share some of the photos and video of him.

Last Christmas Daddy got skates and we were able to go out a few times. This year Uncle Kenny got skates and was itching to try them out. So we went off to public skate last week and it was so fun. Hopefully we will get to do it a few more times this winter. There is a local Outdoor Rink we are hoping to check out soon too but we’ve had some warmer weather and it’s not been ideal for skating. Even Emme got out on the ice for a spin.


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Chrismtas & New Years

Each year I am reminded about how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. That includes the extra special people I married into that has never made me feel like anything less than a part of their family. It is so great to call so many of them friends as well. As usual we hosted Christmas Eve here at our home. The evening was full of great food, wine, hugs, and laughter. The hugs around here are great even when it’s not the holidays.


Christmas Day was then a whirlwind. The kids sure make it all worth it. This year Santa made sure to try and get most everything on their lists and he did quite well. And then they were further spoiled by the rest of the family. Thank you all for making them feel so special during the holidays and always.

The Pimentals even entered the world of HD TV thanks to Uncle Kenny. I seriously had no idea TV was supposed to look so good. The kids have had a great time all their toys and thanks to a post holiday purge of things, the playing has been easier to do and easier to clean up as well. I must say that Emme’s Little People castle may be my favorite new toy. But we all know how much I love those Fisher Price Little People. Combine that with my love of Disney and how could they go wrong. Lucy got her Password Journal and of course Jack got lots of Bey Blades.

Christmas Morning
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One Already

This was by far the fastest year in our family. Emme has been a sweet baby and recently started to come out of her shell. In order to keep up with the big kids, she started walking a month ago. And even when she falls she gets right back up. The days of crawling are gone. She has been the most serious of the three and she makes you work for those smiles. We have had ups and downs on her sleeping habits but some of that is tough due to her sharing a room and us being on the go so much with the older ones. She is the smallest of our babies but pretty close in her stats. Her well visit went great and she weighed in 19lbs 11 ounces and 29.5 inches tall. I’d say she is a daddy’s girl for sure!

Emme Grace One

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